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CEO Message of KOMOTEK
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Even though this is an online contact, we, Komotek family would like to express

our enthusiasm and warm-hearted welcome to you. We hope this home page

serves as an open space where we can exchange various opinions with you,

our customers.

As a company that specializes in manufacturing precision motors, the Komotek

likes motors and has a great interest in happiness and safety of people. We,

Komotek family will pursue to become the best motor manufacturer in the world

in order for human beings to enjoy happier life through creative value innovation

and endless enthusiasm under the motto of “Motorizing Happy Life”.

Komotek is the company trusted by customers, contributing to human society,

and realizing dreams of its officers and employees.

The most economic motors, environment friendly motors, and the next generation

digital motors are the quality standards of motors we pursue. We will provide

tailored products of high quality that our customers need very promptly using our

original technology. In addition, we promise to do our best as a model company

to grow dreams together with our customers.

We hope that our customers continue to support Komotek in the future and keep

an eye on us as we develop into a competitive global company that supplies

key motor components.

                  CEO Deok Geun Kim
Sign of CEO Deok Geun Kim

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